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Welcome To My World

A moving and powerful story about how inspiration can be found in the unlikeliest places, Welcome to My World also reaffirms that the simplest things in life—a conversation with a stranger—can lead to life-changing results.

“After reading this book, you’ll never look at a homeless person the same way,” reviewer Cheryl Brimage wrote: “Make sure you have some tissues on hand for the surprise ending. It definitely brought tears to my eyes.”

Seize The Day

Calvin Jones has finally gotten his life on the right course. At forty-five, he has escaped a toxic long-term relationship with the mother of his only child, and he loves his job as a high school English teacher in Washington, DC. Life is good. But then life turns horribly bad.
A routine checkup reveals a cancerous spot on his pancreas. The oncologist offers him chemotherapy in the hope that it will extend his life, but Calvin declines…and decides to live the best he can while he can.

Seize the Day is not the story of Calvin Jones’s decision to pass on cancer treatment that he was told would debilitate him. It’s not a dark story of death looming.
Rather, it is the inspiring story of a man choosing not to wait on death and, instead, to live out his life with courage, hope and resilience. To Calvin’s amazement, that small adjustment –to simply live his live–brings about extraordinary revelations that make him more determined to live than ever.

The Old Man In The Club:
He’s the “old guy in the club” who everyone judges and scorns, but there’s so much more to his story…Travel into the mind and soul of a complex man on the road to redemption in this riveting, true-to-life novel.

The Truth Is In The Wine:
In this gripping novel of twisted moral dilemmas, a man tries to save his troubled marriage by taking a family trip to Napa Valley, where secrets are revealed after the consumption of wine.

Homecoming Weekend:
If you thought Las Vegas was where “what happens” stays, you have not been to homecoming at a historically black college or university, which means you have missed out. Until now, that is.


A Cold Piece of Work:
A Cold Piece of Work offers the most rare insight: a contemporary man revealing the depths of his emotions, vulnerabilities and flaws.

Secret Lives of Cheating Wives:
With sensual language and a unique understanding of women, The Secret Lives of Cheating Wives by Curtis Bunn is a gripping novel that reveals the lengths today’s women will go to indulge their deepest desires.

Baggage Check:
“An entertaining novel about three men on a journey to find the right woman,” says Ebony Magazine.

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