Welcome to the official online space for Essence No. 1 best-selling author Curtis Bunn, whose books offer high-definition insight into the minds and hearts of engaging characters that readers come to love. . . or loathe. . . and sometimes both in the same book.

“The entire premise of all my books are the same: make the reader engaged enough to turn the next page,” Curtis says.

From book-to-book, he accomplishes his mission, with works that provide thought-provoking looks into the minds of men and their perspectives on women, relationships, love, life, trauma and drama. His first novel, Baggage Check, established Curtis as a force in the literary game. He solidified his place in author hierarchy time and time again with scintillating books A Cold Piece of Work, Homecoming Weekend, The Truth Is In The Wine, The Old Man in The Club, Seize the Day, The Secret Lives of Cheating Wives and Welcome To My World.

Have a book club? Select one of his books and invite Curtis to the meeting, in person or virtually.

And you can find him every year at the amazing literary event he created, the National Book Club Conference. Visit www.nationalbookclubconference.com to join an unforgettable weekend of Literary Bliss.

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