Curtis Bunn | Essence Best Selling Author





After 10 years, author Curtis Bunn re-releases the thought-provoking That Was Then, This Is Now—the seamless sequel to his Essence No. 1 bestselling novel, Baggage Check—as an ode to the first lovable, raw, interesting characters he created as a novelist.


While this is a continuation of the original story, this is a stand-alone book that does not require reading its predecessor to appreciate and enjoy. Indeed, you will get to know the characters all over again, seven years later, in 2008 and become invested in their drama from the outset.


Julian, Larry and Greg—best friends from Washington, D.C.—have grown, but growth does not preclude one from life’s challenges. And so, the trio of men simultaneously has their marriage, faith and confidence shattered and struggle to find resolutions.


A trip to Accra, Ghana, West Africa exposes them to the Motherland, and through that breath-taking experience, the men embark on a journey of discovery that alters the course of their lives in this rewarding coming-of-age tale that evokes all the emotions.


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